Exposed: The Man Who Bribes Joe Biden

For those unfamiliar with WEF, they bribed Joe Biden to bring the world back to 1940’s Hitleresque Germany. Watch this segment in following video, it will only 20 seconds of your time people:

Notice Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum lamented:

  1. Things got bad after the 1940s AKA his beloved Hitler lost the war.
  2. How can we radically restructure the world to get back to that
  3. He later explains how he uses Joe Biden for his purpose to subvert the world.

In other videos, he talks about Justin Trudeau and France’s Prime Minister who just thankfully got ousted from power this past week!

Who is Klaus Schwab and what is the World Economic Forum?

Klaus Schwab was born in 1938 in Ravensburg Germany, his dad ran a large munitions factor for Adolf Hitler.

Klaus Schwab is a Hitler Youth who worships Adolf Hitler and when Klaus speaks about ruling the world in a Fourth Industrial Revolution, he means the Fourth Reich.

The World Economic Forum writes USA’s laws directly through bribes/threats of our institutions and democratic politicians and RINO republicans when needed. Example, Build Back Better was not written by the USA, but the WEF before Biden was even in office:

BBB was not just pushed on the USA, but Canada, Australia, France, Pakistan, and the UK all adopted this globalist nazi tyranny doctrine. Capitalism has problems, yes, but communism shares them all and has far greater ones such as not choosing where you work. With capitalism you work a job you choose, pay your taxes, the government should serve you. In communism you get forced to work a job you don’t pick, the government pays you anything they want, and you’re the government’s slave.

The World Economic Forum itself is composed of several arms, one of which we can amputate if we share this information:

  1. WEF partner: CCP 14.4 trillion GDP China.
  2. WEF partners Iran, Dubai, and Islamic Terrorist Nations nearby, with roughly 6 trillion GDP.
  3. WEF partners unified Nazis, such as Klaus and his 2nd in command Yuval who wants to forcibly microchip and alter everyone’s DNA at will(No link, do your own research on the WEF, they’re sickos).
  4. WEF partner: Trillionaire banks/Billionaires/politicians such as bioterrorist Bill Gates, Al Gore, and John Kerry
  5. WEF partner: The amputatable arm we can force to divest by public opinion is the corporations found here, and you’ll see many American Corporations are in this too, probably ones you shop at, ones you could write a letter to and they’d consider divesting from WEF. Please write letters to all the corporation you use, this is the biggest action you can use to help preserve freedom, far above even military action which would empower them with more lockdowns. Please write letters to these corps for freedom… Your grandparents and great-grandparents risked their lives in combat for freedom, please take the time write letters asking for WEF divestment.

So since Joe Biden is bribed by a nazi as well as the democratic party. Wouldn’t we see some overlap in nazi views in the democratic party? How could that be possible? Americans would never accept naz1 bullcrap you say. Well let’s examine liberal values that overlap with German 1940s Nazi values

Liberal party values:

  1. Do as us, or be excluded conformity.
  2. In authoritarianism, questioning is forbidden.
  3. Papers please: Don’t fly in this plane unless you have vax papers.
  4. Logic is not valuable, only emotion, so lies can be pushed.
  5. History must be removed, books cycled out of libraries as they do removing monuments, and book ‘cycling’
  6. Acceptance of hate in the media against the opposing party, teaching children to hate (late night comedy changed to the last half a decade).
  7. Elitism: You’re better than a Trumper. Rednecks are an inferior person to your grand cultural knowledge.
  8. Censorship.
  9. Hatred towards Christians and Jews. “Religious people are the cause of the world’s problems.”
  10. Brown Shirting: If someone says something that you can’t refute, yell your opinion louder.
  11. Value the party over your own family.

All 11 are also 1940s Nazi Germany values, and somehow they’re also the democratic liberal values now.|

It’s mind-blowing, isn’t it? Now you know who bribes Joe Biden. A group of communists, terrorists and nazis oh my. In World War 2 Hitler only lied to his own occupied territories. In World War 3 which has been really been going on since at least 2018 and no one even noticed because it’s been an internal war of lies and deception those in the know call it WORD WAR 1. Well in WW3, Klaus lies to all of the world’s news/TV/radio/newspapers, while Klaus’ idol Hitler only lied to his own people.

Throw away your television. Get your news from sources direct like noble Senators and Congressmen like Clay Higgins who exposed the FBI director Wray’s lies… The FBI admitted by lying to Wray that they used people dressed as Trump supporters to make Jan 6 look bad! They do this on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. Throw away your television, stay in the know directly like me. Or just come view Wolfhead’s news feed here about video games freedom and love. Leave a comment if you want me to talk more about the lies and intrigue behind World War 3 or just video games.

Bonus: The WEF is Behind the COVID Bioterror

The WEF is behind the avian flu too, as they explained that was coming too in that video that came out 1 month before covid where Bill Gates and Fauci explain they don’t care about us, they just want to vax us to make a lot of money, to look sexy to young women in college… You can’t make this sh1t up. Watch the video. It’s the Kennedy Assassination video of our generation. The full 1 hour one has more bad stuff in it too:

Tyranny is always the same, they want to rule, so they can control men and women… Braveheart the movie shows tyranny. Tyranny’s been the standard in all of human history as the major government. Caligula, Herod, all that taking of citizens’ wives from them, executing them, that happens nonstop. Even Noble King David fell for this temptation once with Bathsheba by murdering Uriah. This temptation happens to even the most noble! To murder a man and take his wife because she’s hot.

Except David had a heart from God and resisted. Most Tyrants end up just going hog wild stealing massive harems and murdering people in cruel and unusual torturous ways to make a show “Don’t mess with me, I’m the tyrant around here.” People might not like it, but USA and rednecks in tank tops having some BBQ inviting their poor neighbors is the peak of civilization. We’ve been lied to that other countries are better. Nah,USA’s freedoms are the best and we are losing them if we don’t act. Start by writing letters to those WEF companies.

Civilization can get better, but only if we stand for freedom. For without freedom, hate and control is ruling by tyranny. This is known as Babylon and I’m not sure we can stop it, but Revelation, Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Zechariah write a lot about Babylon falling and Jesus returning. So it feels like Jesus is returning soon. No one knows the time or the hour, but we’re told we can see it coming like sunset, and we see bioterror and war today, by human traffickers of the WEF who enslave men and women for labor/sex or just execute them and harvest organs. The WEF are bad bad bad people, a bribe network. We still have a window where we stand for freedom, like I said, write those letters to every corporation you use and some you don’t. I think Jesus is coming soon. God bless he who comes in the name of the LORD.


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