Enad Global 7’s Daybreak Games Moral Grandstanding on U.S. Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

In the space of a few years, we’ve gone from the adage that the customer is always right to the company is always right as an increasing number of American corporations have decided to wade into the swamp of politics by aligning themselves with the radical left. In the no so distant past, company owners had the decency to keep their social and political views to themselves because taking sides would easily alienate half of your customers.

Given this reality, sensible corporations would stay out of politics or at the very least display an ideologically neutral public face. But all of this changed as narcisisstic millenials and fragile Generation Z cohorts descended upon corporate America and spread the contagion of the woke mind virus that they contracted at college.

The Marxist Death Cult

The long march of the Marxist death cult through the institutions is almost complete as American corporations have finally joined the left’s Borg Collective ecosystem. Big tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, and big entertainment conglomerates like Disney and Comcast, routinely express public views that promote the woke pseudo morality of the far left. Instead of calling it morality, they cloak it in the deceptive euphemism: values.

The left’s morality is false and untested. Show me one great civilization that has ever been created by the so-called values of wokeness or Marxism? There are none. The only thing that wokeness will lead to is millions of dead people. We only have to look at the 100 million dead from various strains of communism in the past century for evidence of this.

The latest atrocities of the death cult is the millions of innocent babies murdered in the womb via the grisly practice of abortion.

Most of these woke companies are based in the socialist state of California. California is like a cultural petri dish where every bad idea is created and released into the world without any thought to the potential unintended consequence. It is no surprise then that video game studios who are also mostly based in California are also parroting the progressive and post-modern catechism.

After the recent momentous U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning the ill-conceived and infamous Roe vs. Wade decision which made abortion legal by inventing a false constitutional right of privacy, the radical left was apoplectic. Instead of actually reading and comprehending the brilliant decision by Justice Alito that returns the right to determine abortion laws back to the individual states, the unhinged left started making specious claims that abortion had been completely banned in the U.S.A. (which is false) and woman would risk death resorting to backroom abortions. In their demonic rage, they even trotted out the debunked urban myth of coat hangers.

The usual suspects of scum and villainy — the masked cowards and demented perverts of the domestics terror group ANTIFA — rose from their odious basement coffins to harass and intimidate pregnancy centers and terrorize U.S. Supreme Court Justices at their homes.

Not to be outdone by ANTIFA, Daybreak Games, owned by a Swedish based company of investors called Enad Global 7, released the following statement on this landmark decision:

This moral posturing by Daybreak Game Company is thinly veiled opposition to the U.S. Supreme Court recent ruling on abortion. It is also a typical example of leftist virtue signaling.

Now that this precedent has been set, will Daybreak Games now comment on every piece of local, state, and federal legislation? If not why not?

Or will they only comment only on issues that support their personal and political beliefs?

The employee benefit policies of a company are nobody’s business but their own. They should have only communicated this to their employees but instead they decided share this with the public in order to make a political statement. Daybreak is using the tragedy of abortion to score points with whomever agrees with them.

It is wrong for Daybreak to assume that all of their employees would agree with this. It is also wrong to expect their customers to agree with this as well. By taking a side in a contentious political and social issue, Daybreak is foolishly alienating those who disagree with them both employees and customers.

Predictably, EQ players are already reacting both favorably and negatively as seen here on Instagram:

Daybreak has needlessly insulted both employees and customers who might agree with the jurisprudence of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling to allow individual states to create their own laws regarding abortion. What the court did was to bolster democracy and state’s rights. The people should decide, not the U.S. Supreme Court as was the case in the misguided Roe vs. Wade decision.

Abortion is a gruesome procedure. The termination of a baby in the mother’s womb is not healthcare.


By publicly supporting the infanticide of the unborn, Enad Global 7 and Daybreak Games has sided with evil and the ancient demon of child sacrifice known as Moloch.

Daybreak Games also recognizes “Pride Month” in the month of June where fornication, degeneracy, deviancy, masturbation, sodomy, lesbianism, child grooming, child molestation, and other sexual perversions are gleefully celebrated and promoted by parades of disgusting naked men. Each year, the LGBTQ activists at Daybreak celebrate Pride Month in EverQuest by giving player free pets in their cash shop. Real world activism has no place in fantasy virtual worlds like EverQuest as most players seek refuge in fantasy virtual worlds to escape politics and social activism. As a Christian, what Daybreak Games is doing by forcing the demonic LGBTQ agenda onto players is highly offensive to my sincerely held religious beliefs but there is no inclusion in EverQuest for Christians or conservatives. There is no special month for traditional marriage and heterosexual (normal) people.

If Daybreak truly cared about families they would not support the murdering of unborn babies and they would pay their male employees enough money so that their wives could stay at home and raise their children while the men go out to work.

Companies like Enad Global 7 and Daybreak worship profits above all else. They do not really care about women, if they did they would financially support women who want to get pregnant and take maternity leave but they would rather pay for an out of state abortion, than pay for maternity leave. They want women to be slaves to their company and they dress up it in GIRL POWER and female empowerment bumper sticker slogans.

Safetyism: The Infantilization of Adulthood

The boilerplate phrase “safe and inclusive” is specious, ridiculous, and alarmist. Both are pleasant sounding buzzwords that Daybreak has not even defined.

Daybreak’s employees are not children and are not in danger from anyone and anything at their respective studios on San Diego and Austin. It is not the job of Daybreak to babysit their employees, shield them from legislation or shield them from “offensive” viewpoints that challenge them.

In the past few years, most Big Tech corporations and woke companies have established Trust and Safety departments run by zealous diversity and inclusion officers.

The usage of “safe” and “safety” by leftist American corporations is language vandalism. What this really is is the virus of safetyism, a term coined by Jonathan Height and Greg Lukianoff in their book The Coddling of the American Mind.

Here’s a good definition of safetyism:

a culture or belief system in which safety has become a sacred value which means that people become unwilling to make trade-offs demanded by other practical and moral concerns

The rise of safetyism courtesy of privileged, over-protective parents is responsible for much of the insanity that the Generation Z demographic has created in our culture. Woke corporations like Daybreak Games are now the biggest proponents of this insanity.

Daybreak Games claims to care about the “safety” of their employees, but could care less about the safety of the babies who are inconveniently alive in the wombs of their female employees. Who needs more protection? A grown adult or an innocent unborn baby who is just seconds away from being born?

The Trojan Horse of Inclusion

The usage of the term “inclusion” by Daybreak Games is another neo-Marixst buzzword. You see the word coming up all the time in corporate America. You will notice, that the left rarely if ever specifically defines this term or other specious terms like equality, equity, diversity and safety. Beware!

According to James Lindsay inclusion is code for restricted speech and it’s used as a justification for purges (cancellation and termination) in all walks of life. Here’s a graphic that explains what “inclusion” really means:

Here’s James deconstructing the Trojan Horse of inclusion:

Hall of Shame: Meet the Executives at Daybreak Games

This bizarre public statement on abortion must have been approved by their legal department and/or someone on the executive team at Daybreak Games and possibly by their Swedish overlords at Enad Global 7.

Take a look at the official Daybreak website and you’ll find no mention of the executive team other than CEO Ji Ham. Apparently they are either too cowardly to list the names of the executive team there, too embarrassed, or perhaps too lazy. Since Daybreak games is one of the most hated MMO studios in the business, any one of these reasons is plausible.

Here are some the names of the current Daybreak Games executive team that I managed to find on the web:

Ji Ham

Chief Executive Officer Daybreak Games

David Yousseffi

Senior Vice President and General Counsel Daybreak Games

Andrew Zaffron Daybreak Executive Vice President

Andrew Zaffron

Executive Vice President Daybreak Games

Laura Rockwell

Vice President, Finance Daybreak Games

Brett Close

Executive Vice President Technology Daybreak Games

What is the Endgame Here? What is the ROI?

Everything a corporation does, it does for a reason. At least that how it used to work 5 minutes ago. There is never a good reason to potentially alienate half of your world-wide audience that is opposed to abortion on demand.

How is offending half or more of your customers good for your bottom line?

What is the return on investment here?

It is very possible that the people that are responsible for this decision are so completely delusional that they believe everything thinks like them? If they think like this, its stone cold hubris.

Daybreak has been engaged in similar activism by promoting the LGBTQ agenda for years in at least 3 of their franchises: EverQuest, EverQuest 2, and DC Universe Online despite the fact that nobody ever asked for this. Most players just want to be left alone and escape the noise and nonsense of the real world, but the perverts at Daybreak know better and force feeds Marxist propaganda to them whether they like it or not.

Is it too much to ask that video game studios stop ramming politics and social activism down the throats of the gamers that play their games? Apparently it is for the sanctimonious ghouls at Daybreak Games who never waste an opportunity to engage in moral grandstanding.


Child sacrifice is one of the worst crimes in human history. Abortion is just another form of child sacrifice. The shedding of the blood of innocents cries out to Heaven for justice. Abortion is demonic in nature. Anyone that supports it and engages in without repenting will be damned for all eternity by Almighty God.

Before the U.S. Supreme Court recent ruling, nobody knew what Daybreak Games’ position was on abortion. To their great shame, now everyone knows.

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