Did Blizzard Suspend a WoW Player for 100 Years for Interrupting an In-game Black Lives Matter Protest?

A post in the Kotaku in Action 2 sub-Reddit alleges that a World of Warcraft player named Bruce was suspended for 100 years for “interrupting” an in-game Black Lives Matter protest on his server.

Here’s a screenshot of the message that he allegedly received from Blizzard Entertainment that is purportedly circulating on other venues like 4 Chan, Instagram, and Discord:

Regarding the veracity of this image, a Reddit user named ErikaThePaladin uploaded the image to site called FotoForensics and remarked:

This would seem to suggest the photo is real. The only point where there’s significant “noise” is where the watermark was added.

If this story is true, it demonstrates heavy handedness and intolerance of dissent on Blizzard’s part.

The players that organized and participated in this alleged protest are the ones that should have been disciplined not the person who was accused of “interrupting” it — whatever that means. It was these players who violated the immersion of their fellow WoW players by staging a real-world political protest.

World of Warcraft is a fantasy virtual world. It is not an appropriate venue for real life protests/politics/issues. Players go there to escape the real world and for good reason. Given the tragic events of the last two weeks, Blizzard should be doing all they can to ensure that their players have an oasis they can retreat to that is free from any sort of political or social indoctrination.

Blizzard’s Hostility Toward Trump and His Supporters

I guarantee you if Trump supporters had a peaceful rally in WoW, leftist snitches would force Blizzard to shut it down immediately and suspend all of the participants.

When Mike Morhaime was the CEO of Blizzard, he attacked President’s Trump ban on immigration from countries that are engaged in Islamic terrorism.

Blizzard has also shown their animus toward Trump supporters when a WoW guild called “Make Azeroth Great Again” was forced to change its name. Sure the guild name is a homage to President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” but it wasn’t hurting or threatening anyone. It was a harmless funny name like most guild names in WoW today.

Blizzard has to be fair and consistent. Either they ban all real-life political and ideological activism within or they allow all of it. Of course I would prefer if no political activism was allowed.

Blizzard Openly Supports Black Lives Matter

Rarely do Blizzard leaders miss an opportunity to virtue signal their support for radical left-wing causes.

Last week, Activision/Blizzard publicly supported Black Lives Matter with a shameless display of selective virtue signaling:

Then they used the unrest in America to once again level up their virtue signaling powers:

Activision Blizzard, there is no place for real-world politics in video games. What you are doing is showing contempt for the customers who hold different political and social viewpoints than your own. Get over yourselves and stop spreading propaganda.

BLM is a despicable radical leftist organization that makes money by stoking the flames of racial hatred and division. BLM has no solutions.

Many people have pointed out Blizzard’s abject hypocrisy of support for the communist Chinese regime but supporting BLM protests here in America. Here’s a post from a WoW player from their official forums:

When retired black police captain named David Dorn tried to defend a pawn shop that was being looted by rioters, he was killed by a black thug named Stephan Cannon. As the blood left his lifeless body, the spectacle was being livestreamed on Facebook.

Where is Activision Blizzard’s tweets supporting David Dorn?

Where is Activision Blizzard’s condemnation of the rioting, looting, and violence being perpetrated by BLM supporters and ANTIFA thugs?

Nowhere to be found.


If what happened is indeed true, Blizzard has reached a new low by suspending this person for 100 years. This story could also be fake news and a hoax perpetrated by trolls. The sad thing is that given Blizzard’s political leanings, this story seems plausible.

I will keep readers apprised as this story develops. If anyone has an additional information to either support or debunk this story, please send it to me here or at my email address in the Contact section of this site. All email submissions will be confidential unless I am authorized to use them. Thank you.

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