Daybreak Games Creates a Permanent Memorial for Brad McQuaid in EverQuest

Rumors started abounding on various forums that a permanent memorial to Aradune Mithara was placed in a small secluded hamlet in Norrath’s the Plains of Eastern Karana.

Today I logged on my halfling druid to venture out to pay my final respects to Brad. As I approached the rumored spot of this memorial I saw a flaming sword seemingly attached to a stone. On the stone was chiseled the following:



When you click on the stone a text box opens up which reads:

Thank you for making our lives possible.

The sword in the stone is a homage to the legend of King Arthur who became the king of England after he was the only one strong enough to pull the sword from the stone. King Arthur is known as the once and future king. Many years ago I wrote an article about Brad that included that reverential title.

Daybreak Games has also changed the EQ loading graphic to further memorialize Brad’s contributions:

In related news, Visionary Realms has started a scholarship in his name at Laguna College of Art & Design in San Diego, California. Those who are interested in donating to this scholarship can do so at this link.