Darkpaw Games’ Epic Failure to Capitalize on the 25th Anniversary of EverQuest

Darkpaw Games is an MMORPG studio that never ceases to amaze me with its brazen ineptitude and callous contempt for its long-suffering fans. Darkpaw was created in 2020 for the sole purpose of focusing only on the EverQuest franchise. Since they are only two incarnations of EQ presently alive, they should be pulling out all the stops for the 25th anniversary of EverQuest released in 1999.

Instead of a robust and celebratory year of exciting fan events, we get an uninspired Year of Darkpaw with the same old lame monthly events recycled from previous years. We’ll get more garish PRIDE pets that celebrate sodomy and other sexual fetishes. EQ players who play on live servers will get a special floating tower in Oasis; TLP players will get jack squat.

EverQuest 25th Anniversary

On the subject of TLP servers, two new ones will be available in May. There’s no word on what the rulesets will be. You can be sure that players will not be consulted because the insular producer and the barnacled devs left on the design team know best.

Here’s a graphic of the development roadmap. Notice how it is padded with meaningless text like a high schooler trying to reach the word requirement of an English literature essay. See if you can detect any substance in the word salad because I cannot:

They should be calling it, the Year of EverQuest, not the Year of Darkpaw which reeks of arrogance and hubris. The name “Darkpaw” means nothing to me or the video game world because this new studio has yet to prove itself worthy of having an entire year named after it. It’s like teenagers creating a cool name for a rock band. Cool names mean nothing if you don’t have the music to back it up.

Most EQ players realize that these roadmaps are smoke and mirrors. So the question remains: why are they doing this? It’s probably to give Enad Global 7 and their investors the appearance that they are doing something worthwhile.

Under Ji Ham’s watch, developers are leaving Darkpaw like rats leaving a ship before leaving port. They can’t keep good talent. It’s a creatively constipated studio permeated with the stench of death. New hires, can’t wait to get out of the EverQuest old age home and hospice and work for real studios.

At least half of the people in this studio photo are no longer with Darkpaw:

The fact that Enad Global 7 and Daybreak Games could not see fit to authorize some money to hold an official EverQuest meetup is shocking and shameful. One of the biggest EQ fanboys named Fading made a rare plea in one of his latest videos that he felt that Darkpaw absolutely needed to have a special event for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. I have the YouTube video queued here where he begs Darkpaw to do something big:

If they won’t heed Fading, you know they won’t listen to anyone.

In a recent investor presentation, even Enad Global 7 acting CEO Ji Ham admitted that “we should invest in the 25th anniversary of EverQuest” What happened Ji, did you get cold feet?

Why did you break yet another promise?

Ji Ham is no stranger to breaking promises. He told everyone that he would revamp The Lord of the Rings Online, but then reneged on his promise when Amazon’s Rings of Power flopped.

The buck stops with Enad Global 7 CEO Ji Ham. He could fix Darpaw if he wanted. He could allocate resources to EverQuest but he chooses not to. He could fire the entire team of overpaid mediocre losers at Darkpaw but he does nothing.

A Warning To Enad Global 7 Investors

Those who invest in Enad Global 7 need to know that this company are soulless trend chasers looking to make a quick buck. They know nothing about video games. They are bereft of vision and creativity. They are rapacious carpetbaggers that mercilessly bite the hand that feeds. They despise their players and censor their opinions. They are bereft of empathy. They have no understanding of what it takes to make great fantasy virtual worlds. They are not leaders in their field nor are they risk-takers. They don’t even have the decency to play the games they make. They are the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the video game industry.

It is precisely because of all these inadequacies and shortcomings, that they lack the conditions that inspire the innovation required to produce award-winning games. They are like bodysnatchers that skulk around hospitals waiting for games to die so they can sell their body parts to the highest bidder.

You should know that their players and the video game world despise EG 7 and all of the studios under their paper umbrella. You are investing in a global company that is the laughing stock of the industry. Don’t tell your children that you invested in Enad Global 7, as they will lose all respect for you and may never talk to you again.


EverQuest is one of the most profitable games in Enad Global 7’s portfolio. EverQuest players have paid their dues, they have paid more than their fair share. EQ players have been subsidizing EQ2 and other Daybreak Games for years now. Their loyal fans deserve far more than the few stale crumbs that they’ve been getting from the likes of Sony Online Entertainment’s John Smedley and Kelly Flock, all the way up to Daybreak’s Ji Ham and Jason Epstein.

Any business that fails to reinvest a significant percentage of their profits back into their company for research and development to create new products and grow their business, is playing Russian Roulette with a chamber half full of bullets. Eventually, they will fail and they will do it sooner rather than later. This is Enad Global 7’s cynical strategy and the hapless players that play their games are the collateral damage.

It’s hard to believe that we have a company of investment bankers who don’t seem to understand that reinvesting profits back into their studios is an accepted best business practice.

To think that even on the once-in-a-lifetime rare occasion of the 25th anniversary of EverQuest, it’s still business as usual at Darkpaw Games is beyond appalling. It signals to the world that they lack the basic decency to do the right thing by their players. It’s insulting and disrespectful. The level of greed and the lack of reciprocity at Enad Global 7 knows no bounds.

It is disgraceful that the very same studio that bends over backward to chronically pander to LGBTQ people, has no time or resources to spend on the players that pay their salaries. I’ve read testimonials by anonymous former employees at Daybreak that claim that management and the development team laugh at the unswerving loyalty of their players. These rapacious ghouls see their players as gullible fools. It’s all a big joke to them. Darkpaw Games is so utterly vile and corrupt that it should be broken up and scattered into a thousand pieces and thrown like ashes into the sea.


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