Chinese Coronavirus Fears Causes Panic Hoarding at Costco Woodinville in Washington State

I just got back from shopping at Costco in Woodinville, WA. Washington state is one of the main areas affected by the Chinese Coronavirus. I went there to stock up on provisions as we are going to be self-isolating for the next month to prevent contracting the Chinese Coronavirus.

The parking lot was completely full at 1:45 PM Monday, March 2, 2020. I have never seen it this bad at Costco even Christmas. The staff had disinfectant wipes for members’ hands and for the shopping carts handles which was appreciated.

I was there primarily for water and dry goods. I was lucky to grab 3 cases of expensive alkaline smart water there and a few minutes later the pallet was empty. All of the Kirkland brand bottled has been sold out. All that is left now is expensive sparkling water. Hopefully, Costco will be replenishing supplies of normal water soon.

What was shocking was that the bread aisle was almost empty. I have never seen the bread aisle empty before.

Every cash register was open with 8-12 carts waiting in line. Most carts were completely full. The cashiers were all wearing surgical gloves.

I spoke with a long time employee at Costco. She told me that she has never seen anything like this and that this location has been swamped since Saturday. I expect this to get worse as news of more Chinese Coronavirus related deaths grows.

Stay safe everone!


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