Compendium of Video Responses to Amazon’s The Rings of Power Catastrophe

Given the almost universal negative reaction to their teaser trailer, the upcoming The Rings of Power TV series from Amazon Studios based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s pre-Lord of the Rings universe, will be a colossal disaster. The simple reason is this: everything woke turns to shit.

Elites in Hollywood and the entire entertainment media complex are currently obsessed with identity politics and wokeness. They don’t care about the viewer; all they care about is promoting their sick ideology.

The scourge of wokeness manifests itself via the doctrine of representation. This doctrine states: the racial makeup of fictional worlds must represent the racial makeup of the real world. Translation: there are too many Caucasians in TV, cable, and film. The underlying assumption that certain groups are over-represented and the rest are under-represented. Their way to address this is to include as many African, Asian, and East Indian actors into their products as possible. Even if the roles are specifically created for Caucasians in the source materials, the identity politics fanatics will gladly race swap them out for non-Caucasians.

Another way that wokeness has infected Hollywood is the promotion of female empowerment agenda via strong independent Mary Sues. The Mary Sue is a female character perfect in every way with no faults. This new breed of woman is essentially a man with breasts and a vagina. Traditionally feminine qualities of modesty, humility, meekness, and nurturing — all biologically designed for females for the continuation of the human species — are almost absent from these robotic female depictions.

Anyone who dares to object to this shoe-horned wokeness is reflexively called a troll, a racist, homophobic and worse by the corrupt and traitorous sellouts such as and The Tolkien Society. In strange turn of poetic and paradoxical fate, both of these organizations have been corrupted by the fictional One Ring and are now unwitting minions of the dark lord.

Amazon Studios’ upcoming The Rings of Power series trailer is full of woke abominations. I have no doubt that the actual series will be far worse. Having African hobbits, elves and dwarfs makes as about as much sense as having Tom Hanks play Nelson Mandela in a film. It’s a sick and cruel joke.

What is going here is an affront to millions of world-wide Tolkien fans. Middle-earth is holy ground for professor Tolkien’s fans and Amazon Studios. Loyal readers of Tolkien’s fantasy masterpiece were the original nerds. While others did normal things that kids and teenagers did, we nerds were alone in our bedrooms immersed in an incredible fantasy land reading Tolkien or playing Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, Tolkien and Middle-earth are precious to us because it was a familiar place we could escape to, to avoid the cruelty of the real world.

The feminist boss drunk with unearned power, the inexperienced woke directors, and the “queer” alleged Tolkien scholar responsible for this travesty have crossed a line in the sand. They have brazenly insulted Tolkien and his fans and trust me, they will feel and remember our righteous wrath. Nothing short of the series cancellation or a complete revamp will save this disgraceful series from being cast into the fiery pit of Mount Doom from whence it came.

I predict that the failure of the $1 billion Rings of Power series will be a seismic Pearl Harbor and 9/11 event that kills woke entertainment once and for all. In a way, I hope they don’t salvage it and release it to the public. Wokeness is a civilization cancer that needs to die an agonizing and humiliating death. The careers of anyone that participates in this reckless act cultural vandalization are in effect over. The schadenfreude that results will be of great comfort to millions of people who are sick of being lectured to and indoctrinated by a gang of incompetent, immoral elites in Hollywood.

What follows is a compendium of YouTube videos that express most of the disgust I feel about this unholy and revolting TV series. If any readers find more good videos, please reply in the comments section and I will review them and possibly add them to this compendium.

Disclaimer: White I respect the Critical Drinker and applaud his stance on this issue, I do not share his other views on diversity and representation in the film and TV.