14 Things You Can Do To Prevent Your Company or Organization from Going Woke

In the past 30 years, the insidious pandemic of wokeness has infected Western civilization at an exponential pace. There is not one walk of life that this cancerous ideology has not managed to infiltrate. Examples are governments, corporations, academia, science, religion, and entertainment. It is so rampant and visible, not even the normies can deny this with a straight face.

Wokeness in all of its manifestations such as feminism, identity politics, anti-racism, intersectionality, queer theory, and transgenderism are all variants of the virus of Marxism. As scholar James Lindsay has noted, Marxism is the underlying premise behind all of these ideologies. This pernicious cult of equality divides humanity into the oppressed and the oppressors. The false Utopia of Marxism is responsible for 100 million deaths in the last century alone.

This article is for people who wish to resist wokeness (neo-Marxism) and to propose ideas on how to build a new parallel Western civilization.

The Wisdom of O’Sullivan’s Law

Before I proceed, I want to discuss the wisdom of those that went before us, namely the apt observation by British journalist John O’Sullivan who stated the following in a 1989 article in the National Review:

“All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing.”

This law and his original article perfectly explain how leftist idealogy has the built-in DNA to hijack and infiltrate non-political organizations. A few notable examples of this are:

  • AARP
  • Amazon
  • Harvard University
  • The Sierra Club
  • Comcast NBC Universal
  • Disney
  • Activision-Blizzard
  • The Drudge Report
  • FoxNews

Come to think of it, it would be far easier to list companies that are not woke than are woke.

In today’s world, a conservative-minded or libertarian-minded business owner is a fool if he expects everyone thinks as he does. Adopting a laissez-faire attitude toward’s your company’s vision and ethos is avoidable negligence that will result in disaster. If you do nothing, your company will be taken over by neo-Marxists. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

If you care about Western civilization and have a traditional or conservative worldview, here are 14 things you can do to prevent your company or organization from becoming woke:

1: Only Hire Biological Males — Females are biologically, emotionally, and temperamentally unsuited to be a part of a male workplace and the military. The sexual tension between the sexes is real and will cause endless distractions and temptations for men and decrease productivity. Our ancestors knew this and kept the sexes apart. The only time men and women should be together for long periods of time is with family members and their spouses. Hiring females only asks for trouble and opens your company up to sexual harassment lawsuits. Hiring women means fewer jobs for men. Therefore, men should be the only breadwinners and women should be running the household, raising the children while the man works. Women are more likely to be woke. Women are likely to turn the workplace into a nightmare. If you follow only one rule, follow this one.

2: Only Hire Heterosexuals — Alphabet people can be very creative but most are deeply troubled, catty drama queens obsessed with carnality. Since they are living a lie, you don’t need to perpetuate their lives by hiring professional liars. Most are woke and will do everything they can to change your company and covertly introduce LGBTQ themes into your content. People with gender dysphoria are mentally ill — do not hire them. Instead, pray for them.

3: Hire men that are Married, Preferably with Families — Married men with families are more stable than unmarried men. Besides, you should be hiring people that are contributing to the furtherance of the human race. Holy matrimony should be honored and rewarded by employers.

4: Do not Hire Anyone Under 40 — People born before 1980 came into a normal world before the invention of the internet. Most of the people born after that have no idea what normalcy is like. They have limited institutional knowledge. Youth is over-rated and life experience is king. Ask Hollywood how know-nothing Millennials and Zoomers have destroyed their industry along with pretty much anything else they touch. There may be cases in that certain red-pilled Millienials and Zoomers do not fit the above archetype. If they are not disqualified by all of the other rules, you might be able to bypass this rule for exceptional men.

5: Hire only Devout Members of Your Faith — You will obtain more unity of purpose and organizational cohesion if you hire people that share your faith. Consecrate your company and organization to God and His Glory.

6: Only Hire from Within your Racial or Ethnic group — Hiring men from your own racial and ethnic group ensures that your organization will be more cohesive and unified, than the opposite.

7: Never Hire Anyone With Pronouns, Ukraine, Pride flag Symbols, or the Cause Du Jour in their Social Media Bio — These symbols are a red flag that should not be ignored. People who are prone to virtue signailing are weak, mentally unstable, insecure, and prideful. Hiring these bandwagoneering lemmings is asking for trouble in the long run. Eventually, they will turn on you and their fellow employees.

8: Do not Hire Over-Educated People and People with Educated in the Realms of Liberal Arts and the Humanities — Thanks to the Academic Industrial Complex there are millions of over-educated people aimlessly roaming the streets of Western civilization trying to validate the useless knowledge they acquired at over-priced colleges. Never hire anyone with a liberal arts degree who has taken any of the following subjects: gender studies, black studies, women’s studies, queer studies, or underwater basketweaving studies.

9: Do Not Create Any Human Resources, DEI, or ESG Positions — Civilization existed for thousands of years before the advent of bogus careers like the aforementioned. Creating these positions is a recipe for disaster for your organization. Don’t do it.

10: Do Not Obtain Financing from ESG-related Investment Funds — ESG is a front for radical leftist and globalist social engineering. The devil is a cruel taskmaster. Do not sell your soul to these crypto-Marxists.

11: Do Not Hire Freaks — Unless you own a circus or a Las Vegas show, avoid hiring men with tattoos, piercings, nose-rings, or non-natural hair colors such as pink, blue, or green. Do not hire men with man buns (male feminists) either. These people are simps and deviants and will eventually stab you in the back.

12: Establish Your Company Mission Statement and Enforce Your Workplace Culture — You are the CEO and must be the example, the prime evangelist, and the gatekeeper of your company culture. This requires that all employees must understand, internalize and sign off on those values.

13. Establish Your Company or Organization in a Jurisdiction where any of the above Things are not illegal or violate labor and discrimination laws — You need complete freedom from woke authoritarian regimes that will attempt to dictate how you can operate your company. Find a country or jurisdiction that allows the greatest freedom under the law.

14. Learn all you Can about the Enemy of Wokeness and the Greatness of Western Civilization — Familiar yourself with the works of Roger Scruton and James Lindsay. Increase your virtues and decrease your vices. Embrace authentic masculinity. Read the Holy Bible. Immerse yourself in the great works of mythology, philosophy, and literature. Discover the long-lost wisdom of fairy tales and folklore. Read Blaise Pascal, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, George Orwell, and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Fill your life with the wisdom of the ages instead of the woke rubbish coming from Hollywood and Wikipedia. Purchase a vintage Webster’s Unified Dictionary and Encyclopedia 1960 or older on eBay.


While my ideas may seem controversial and radical, it’s worth noting that before World War 2, almost every company and organization in the West operated using the same principles and ideas listed above. With a few exceptions, it was unheard of for men and women to work side by side in the workplace. As a result, there were no sexual harassment lawsuits. Out-of-wedlock births were very rare. Families were stable. Men could earn a living wage that provided for their wives and children. LGBTQ pride parades with buck-naked men did not exist. Dying your hair pink and having nose rings were unacceptable. Unlike today where most American cities are teaming with violent crime, drug addiction, degeneracy, and squalor, the streets of America were safe and clean.

The world needs Western civilization. Without it, humanity will devolve and return to a state of barbarism and darkness.

If Western civilization is to survive, we need to rediscover the values we once held, implement them without haste, and eradicate the dangerous Marxist ideas that have captured every institution. It will not be easy, but we must start. The time is now.


Disclaimer: This is an educational thought piece that explores hypothetical ideas and strategies on how to set up, start, and run a company or organization. This is not legal or employment advice. Some of these ideas may be prohibited by laws in the jurisdiction or country where you reside. Consult an attorney. Use the information provided at your own risk.

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